The QPortal offers payroll administrators the ability to offer secure online payslips and reporting.

If you are an accountant this means that you, your clients and their employees can simply access payslips and reports from any device from any location.

Existing and new clients can sign up for a QPortal account by contacting the Qtac sales team.

With a portal account the registered user can then create a number of different user profiles and invite those users to activate their portal account. To find out more about the different user profiles available to the registered user read our guide - QPortal: User Definitions 

Once signed up to the portal registered users can add company and employee data.

To get started simply follow the suggested implementation processes detailed below. 

All of the stages below have links to specific knowledge bank articles.

Implementation Process

  1. Activating the QPortal.
  2. Preparing a company for the initial ‘synchronise company’.
  3. Company synchronise.
  4. Adding payroll reports to the QPortal.
  5. Adding payslips to the QPortal.
  6. Inviting a company user.
  7. Inviting an employee user.


Q - How can I start using the QPortal?

A - Contact the sales team on 0117 9353500 option 2 or email 

Q - Who can be invited use the QPortal?

A - Anyone who is set up and has an email address on the Qtac Desktop software.

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