Payslips can be uploaded to the QPortal which allows the employees to see their pay. The Company User can also view all of the payslips for their employees.

As well as payslips other payroll reports can be uploaded too, to see our previous guide on this see Adding Payroll Reports to the QPortal.

Uploading Payslips to the QPortal

Navigate to 'Portal > Pay Period Synchronisation > Payslips'.

Screenshot to show Portal Payslip upload Menu

Select the required 'Pay Frequency' and 'Tax Period' and 'Submit'.

Screenshot to show Payslips upload period selection

A job has now been created. To retrieve the job status, either: 

  1. Return to 'Portal > Pay Period Synchronise > Payslips'. Or
  2. Click on the 'Check Status' button in the Portal Job in Progress box on the main UI in Qtac Software.

Screenshot to show payslip job status

Then select 'Retrieve Job Status'

Screenshot to show option to retrieve job status for uploading payslips

When completed you get the following message.

Screenshot to show successful payslips have been uploaded

All the payslips for the period selected and for that company have now been uploaded to the QPortal under the Employee’s and Company record.

Next Step

With reports and payslips uploaded to the portal it is a great time to invite Company and Employee Users. 

Next you can invite your Company users - See our next guide for further information.


Q - When will the employee receive an email notification that the payslip is available to view?

A – Depending on the setting covered in the KB article - Preparing a company for the initial ‘Synchronise Company’ the employee will either receive an email on upload, on the payslip date or never.

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