You can invite company users to sign up to the QPortal so they can see their companies reports and employees payslips online. 

We recommend uploading reports and payslips before inviting users so that they have something to view when they log in for the first time, you can find out how by reading our previous guide Adding Payroll Reports to the QPortal.

Invite a Company User

Unsure of what is a company user is? Read QPortal: Users Definitions

To invite a company user to the portal, login to the portal and navigate to the 'hamburger icon' along side to the company in question.

Then select the settings option from the drop down.

Screenshot to show settings option on hamburger button

Next click on the ‘eye/view icon’ next to the company user option.

Click ‘Add New User’

Then complete the required fields.

Complete the Company User invite with the ‘Save’ button.

The user will now receive a portal activation email from in order that they can set a password specified by them.

A company user has access to all the employee details, company and reports uploaded to the portal.

Screenshot to show adding company user details

That is now your first company user set up, you can add more by going through the same process again.

Restricting Portal Access to Company Users

Limited portal access for Company Users can be achieved with the use of Payroll Groups. 

To find out more about using Payroll Groups see the KB Article – Why should I use Payroll Groups?

Next Steps

Once you have finished inviting all the company users you can also start inviting employee users - See our next guide for further information.


Q – The portal invite sent has expired can I resent it?

A – Yes simply navigate back to the ‘Company User’ section and re-invite the user.

Q – The user didn’t receive their portal activation email - Why?

A – Get the invited user to check their Junk/Spam folders or review their email filter to allow emails from 

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