Once you have set up your company settings you will then be ready to synchronise the company with the QPortal.

If you haven't yet set up the company settings then see our previous article - QPortal: Prepare Company Settings to Sync with QPortal.

Synchronise Company 

When ‘Synchronise Company’ is performed the company details, employee details and values held in EOY totals will be uploaded to the portal.

To perform a company sync navigate to 'Portal > Synchronise Company'.

Screenshot of Synchronise company option

Once the ‘Synchronise Company’ is actioned an outstanding task will be created, to complete the task, retrieve the job status: 

  1. Return to 'Portal > Synchronise Company'. Or
  2. Click 'Check Status' on the Portal Job in Progress box on the main UI in Qtac Software.
Screenshot of Portal job in progress

Then select 'Retrieve Job Status'

Screenshot to show synchronise process in Qtac software

Once complete you will get message confirming if the synchronise was successful

Screen shot to show the Synchronise was successful

You can now log in to the portal and review the company, employee and EOY values uploaded.

When Should a ‘Synchronise Company’ Be Performed?

A ‘synchronise company’ can be performed at any time, however below is a list of times that a ‘synchronise company’ would typically be performed.

  1. When first adding a company to the portal 
  2. At the start of the payroll process if either company users or employee users have the ability to make changes to the portal in order that changes are actioned prior to payroll processing (do my users have the ability to make changes to the portal? refer to Knowledge Base article Portal Users Definitions or Prepare company settings to Sync with QPortal)
  3. Once the payroll has been completed and reports processed a ‘synchronise company’ ensures that changes to company, employee and EOY totals are reflected in the portal.

Next Steps

Once you have finished the company synchronise you can add reports to the portal - See our next guide for further information.

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