Payroll groups gives the ability to limit access to Company Users in the QPortal.

If you would like to find out what payroll groups do and why you should use them read our guide - QPortal: Why should I use Payroll Groups?

Setting up Payroll Groups in Qtac desktop

First you need to activate payroll groups in Qtac desktop.

Navigate to 'Company Maintenance > Portal' and select the radio button/tick-box ‘Use Payroll Groups for Report Distribution’.

Then click 'Save > Close'

Screenshot to show how to start using Payroll Groups

Now navigate to 'Company > Divisions/Departments/Locations/GL Codes...'

Select the ‘Payroll Group’ tab and add your payroll groups by selecting ‘Add New’ and naming of the required payroll group. 

Then click ‘Save’.

Next assign all the employees to the relevant Payroll Group.

Navigate to 'Employee > Employee Maintenance > Work Area'.

Select the Payroll Group applicable to the employee in question and ‘Save’ the details.

Screenshot to show the set up Payroll Groups in Qtac Desktop

Next synchronise the company to associate the employees to the selected Payroll Group.

To do this navigate to 'Portal > Synchronise Company'.

Screenshot to show adding payroll group to employee maintenance.

Uploading reports when using Automated Reports

In order that the each user can access the relevant payroll reports now set up your reporting requirements.

Navigate to 'Reports > Pay Period > Automated Reports 2.0 > Configure Report'.

Now either ‘Add Report’ or ‘Edit Report’ depending on your current set up and select the ‘Payroll Group’ that will have access to the report and click 'Update'.

Screenshot to show set up of automated reports for payroll groups

Note: When setting up Payroll Groups with the same pay frequency remember to tick the radio button/tick-box ‘Only display employees belonging to payroll group’.

Once all the reports have been added or edited start to upload your reports to the QPortal using Automated Reports 2.0 or Global Automated Reports (for Payroll Specialist users). 

If you don't currently use Automated Reports and would like to set this up - See our guide Setting up automated Reports.

Screenshot to show payroll group set up in report filtering

Setting up Payroll Groups in the QPortal

Login to the QPortal and review the reports that have been uploaded. 

Note: It is essential that you review the uploaded reports are as required prior to the next step to ensure Company Users added to Payroll Groups only see information they are authorised to view.

Navigate to the 'Reports' tab on the Company in question and select 'Reports'.

As the Registered User you will have access to all reports uploaded, so to review the reports uploaded to specific Payroll Groups start by filtering the results.

Click ‘Show Filters’ then select the required filters including ‘Payroll Groups’ to review, and click ‘Apply Filters’.

Now review the reports uploaded under the specified Payroll Group are correct.

Screenshot to show filter to view only payroll groups

You can now add the Company Users to the required Payroll Groups.

Navigate to Company Settings for the company in question 'Client Summary > Hamburger Icon > Settings'.

Screenshot to show where the settings button is on a company.

Add the Company Users if required – see our article QPortal: Inviting a Company User.

Once the Company User has been set up navigate to ‘Payroll Groups’.

Now add the Company Users to the required Payroll Groups.

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