Payroll groups brings the benefit of limiting access or control to Company Users on the QPortal

If you know you would like to use payroll groups on the QPortal see our guide on how to set this up.

Why should I use Payroll Groups?

The simplest way to identify if you should use Payroll Groups would be to ask yourself the following question.

Are all Company Users linked to the company in questions, allowed to have access to all the uploaded portal information? 

If the answer to this question is YES, then there is no need to set up payroll groups at this stage.

If the answer to this question is NO or possibly in the future you should to set up payroll groups.


Company (A) has both weekly and monthly paid employees.

Mel and Sue are contacts at the business and send in payroll information for processing.

Mel is the CFO and is responsible for all of the payroll and needs access to both the weekly and monthly payslips/reports.

Sue is the Finance Assistant and is only responsible for the weekly payroll and needs restricted portal access to employee payslips and reports. 

By setting up payroll groups in QPortal and assigning the users to the required payroll groups the Registered Users can roll out the described set up.

What to set up Payroll Groups? Take a look at KB article - Setting up Payroll Groups

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