This guide will walk you through retrieving an existing pension scheme from NEST.

Before you can retrieve your NEST pension scheme, you must have your NEST account login details and the Employer ID for the scheme. If you are unsure of your Employer ID, this can be found on the NEST Portal.

Navigate to Auto Enrolment > NEST Submissions > Retrieve NEST Setup. You will be prompted to enter the login details for your NEST account.

You can save these login details for any future submissions, for further information click here.

Enter the NEST Employer ID for the company which you are setting up within QTAC. If you do you not know the Employer ID, you can log into the NEST Portal and the ID will be displayed in the top right hand corner, starting with EMP.

Press Submit and this will send a request to NEST for the details of the scheme. You must now wait until the expected completion time has been reached before NEST will be able to send the details of the scheme to QTAC.

Once the estimated completion time has been reached, navigate to Auto Enrolment  > Retrieve Pending Submissions. You will see the request that has been sent for ‘Current Setup Details’, press ‘Retrieve Responses’ to setup the scheme within QTAC.

Once the scheme has been successfully retrieved from NEST, it will be created within Company > Pensions.

Configuring Auto Enrolment

Once the NEST scheme has been retrieved, you need to configure Auto Enrolment for the company. View our Knowledge Base article on configuring Auto Enrolment for the company here and configuring postponement here.

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