Setting up an Auto Enrolment pension within the QTAC software is a process that has several steps.

This page has advice on adjusting pension settings in ‘Company Maintenance‘ > ‘Pension‘ where, amongst other things, you can mark a pension as the main Auto Enrolment fund for the company.


These settings can be found in ‘Company > Company Maintenance > Pension’

  • Enter a Pension fund ‘ECON Number’ if you have one. Not all schemes will have one. Check with your Pension Provider if you are not sure. ECON stands for Employer’s Contracting-Out Numberleaf ni
  • Enter the companies Auto Enrolment ‘Staging Date’ and click ‘Save
    (The Staging Date assigned by The Pensions Regulator. Find out your Staging Date: (

  • Once you’ve entered the ‘Staging Date’ and saved, you’ll be able to select the company main pension fund from the ‘Fund Name’ drop down box.
    You would need to setup a pension fund first. You can do this from ‘Company > Pension’. Upon saving you will have the chance to set your employees (who do not currently have an Auto Enrolment scheme) to use this pension scheme.
  • If you want QTAC to perform the assessment on your workforce, then tick the box ‘Allow QTAC to assess workers’. If your pension provider is assessing employees then leave this box un-ticked.
    (Check with your pension provider if they are performing the assessment or not.
  • Enter the ‘Employer Reference’ if you have one
    (Check this with your pension provider)
  • Set the company ‘Pay Reference Period Alignment’ required
    (Check this with your pension provider – either PRP Aligned to tax weeks or months (new rules, Nov 2013) or PRP aligned to the relevant pay period)  for more information on PRP alignment see the ‘Auto Enrolment Terminology’ section of the knowledge base.

IMPORTANT – Pro Rata Agreement:

If you choose to use no postponement or override Qtac’s selection of postponement end date’s for Auto Enrolment to activate you have to read and accept the following statement within the software:

“You have configured postponement in such a way that pension contributions may need to be calculated on a pro-rata basis. If your pension scheme rules dictate that pension deductions should be pro-rata, then you will have to perform this calculation manually and enter the contributions due.”

You will need to tick the box entitled “Please tick this box if you have read and understood the statement above” to confirm you have read and accepted the statement.

  • Click ‘Save’ once you have entered all the required details
  • Upon clicking ‘Save’ – you will be given a message saying ‘Do you want to set all
    employees in this company to have their AE Pension Set’?
  • If you click ‘Yes’ this will set the pension you have selected here to be set against
    all the employees in the company. This will include all existing employees and anyone new you add to the payroll in the future.

By Selecting Postponement dates using the drop down boxes highlighted in green QTAC will automatically align your pension contributions to your selected Pay Reference Period (PRP). There is no need to accept the Pro-Rata Agreement.

If you choose to manually configure your postponement dates using the control’s highlighted in orange, you must accept the Pro-Rata Agreement. Speak to your pension provider to find out if your scheme rules will require any contribution’s to be calculated Pro-Rata.

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