What is this error?

The pension duplication error is when an employee starts taking twice the deduction of a pension contribution. You will be able to spot this via the payslip ‘Reports > Pay Period > Payslips’ where you should see a duplication of a deduction on the payslip.


How to amend this

To fix this issue you will have to use SQL Management Studio. Once opened navigate to the company table and via ‘Databases > qtac2223 > Tables > dbo.tblCompany’ Then search for the company in question and make note of the IngFKCompany. From here we will need to find the employee through dbo.tblEmployee, you can narrow this search down by pressing Ctrl+2 and entering the IngFKCompany as well as the first name of the employee. Now make note of the IngPKEmployee and navigate to ‘dbo.tblEmployeePensionFund > Ctrl+2 > Filter IngPKEmployee’ you will now see two or more duplicate pension records, remove as necessary (usually the latest one on the bottom).

Now when going back to the payslip you should have resolved this issue, if the issue still stands you will be required to back process and reprocess ‘Employee > Back Process > Tick Leave Closed At Previous Period > Right click > Open & Pay > Calculate > Save’.