Default Company Payroll Runs

New and existing companies 

You can set up the Default Company Payroll Runs within Admin > Default Company > Payroll Runs tab.

From here you can tick 'Enable Payroll Runs' which will enable payroll runs by default for all new companies within the specified section.

With existing companies, once you have set up your default Payroll Run and want to add it to all companies within a specified section, you can click 'Create Payroll Runs' to do this. 

Note: You need to click 'Save' after modifying payroll runs in order to be able to click 'Create Payroll Runs' 

Default Company Processing Date

You can set the Default Company Processing Date within Admin > Default Company > Calendar. 

This Processing Date will be used by the Payroll Runs using the Payroll Run Offset. 

You can have tasks start earlier or later than the Processing Date. One such example would be to have the 'Start Payroll Run' begin earlier than the Processing Date to accommodate for any changes, such as new starters or leavers.

Payroll Run Tasks and Ordering

You can select an action from the left column, and click 'Add Task' which will then add it to the bottom of the list of tasks.

If you need to change the ordering, you can select the task and click the 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' buttons. You can also adjust the 'Processing Date Offset' which will change when a certain task needs to be done from the Processing Date. 

Certain tasks need to be in a certain order due to requiring previous tasks to be done first, or because the Processing Date Offset needs to be adjusted. Here are some examples of this:

  • 'Start Payroll Run' must be the first tasks by default
  • 'Send Checking Automated Reports must be after 'Process Payroll' 
  • 'Send Final Automated Reports' must be after 'Close Payroll'

A message will appear to let you know when a task can't be above or below another. 

Company Maintenance - Payroll Runs

You can find a Payroll Runs within Company > Company Maintenance > Payroll Runs. There will be a 'Use Payroll Runs' button to enable Payroll Runs.

Once enabled, you can add new Payroll Runs

You can only add new Payroll Runs for Pay Frequencies that are used within the company. I.e you can't add Weekly Payroll Runs if there aren't any Weekly employees. 

You will need to enter a name to identify the Payroll Run by, then select the relevant Pay Frequency and Tax Period, then click Next. 

The Payroll Run will already have tasks based on your Default Company Payroll Run. 

You can modify this Payroll Run as required and then click Save.

When you have multiple Payroll Runs set up within a company, you can modify an earlier Payroll Run to modify following periods i.e If you edit a M1 Payroll Run, you will have the option to do the same to an existing M2 Payroll Run. 

You will get the following message after editing and saving an earlier pay period: 

Payroll Run Dashboard

You can find the Payroll Run Dashboard in 'File' > 'Payroll Run Dashboard'.

Within the dashboard you can see all Payroll Runs and important information, such as the 'Latest Task Status' and 'Task Due Date'. 


The status fields will change colour based on the current situation of a payroll run. For example, the Task due date will be highlighted red if a task becomes overdue. 

At the top there are filtering options for the dashboard, so you can search for specific Payroll Runs. 

There are also three buttons in the bottom left of the dashboard.

The 'Edit' button will allow you to modify a selected Payroll Run from dashboard without having to go Company Maintenance for that company.

The 'Close & Next' will set the selected Payroll Run to complete and generate a new one for the following tax period. 

The 'View History' button allows you to view what tasks have been done, and what tasks still need completing for the selected Payroll Run.

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