Why am I seeing this message?


Unfortunately, due to the late arrival of a specification from HMRC on the calculation of furlough claims we were unable to carry across payment information critical to deriving a correct claim figure. As such, if your employee was paid a variable amount through the last tax year, you have been advised to enter the sum of that figure (as a pay rate in Employee Maintenance.

 This allows Qtac to understand the total of regular pay - known as Annual Reference Pay - in the previous tax year.


However, altering the pay rate means the Basic Pay value may change (if they were only employed for part of the previous tax year) when you next perform a calculation. In this event we will now automatically calculate the furlough claim and allow you to update Basic Pay.


You will only need to answer once for each employee calculation where this is relevant. However, you can set this in advance in Employee Maintenance > Personal section.