Qtac provides functionality to automatically calculate the furlough pay due for an employee during the open and pay process. The furlough pay will be calculated based on their furlough start and end dates and the reference pay you’ve supplied to the software while furloughing them.

Enabling Automatic Furlough Pay Calculation

  • Select the relevant employee
  • Navigate to Employee > Employee Maintenance menu and select the Personal tab
  • The employee should already have been furloughed, if they have not, you can follow our Furlough an employee article.
  • Select ‘Automatically calculate furlough pay’

  • Upon open and pay of the employee their basic pay will automatically be calculated

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The pay calculated is different to what I am expecting?

A: Qtac will take several factors into consideration whilst calculating the furlough pay.

Partial Furlough Period
If an employee has started or ended their furlough period during a pay period, their furlough pay will be prorated. For further information, view our Part Furlough Period article.

Reference Pay
A reference pay value is used to calculate an employee’s furlough pay, if this pay is inaccurate it will cause the furlough pay to be calculated incorrectly. For further information, view our What is reference pay? article.