QTAC 1920 has had a visual overhaul.

This article will outline the major and minor changes as part of the visual upgrade of QTAC 1920

The New Home Screen

As you can see the home screen of the software has undergone a few changes, most of them cosmetic. However there is one major change you may notice, and that's the 'Lets get started!' prompt. This is a new more user friendly way of getting you started using QTAC 1920. To get started we have to options for you.  You can choose to 'Add New Company' or 'Migrate from QTAC 1819'

If you have been using our software in previous years you should choose the 'Migrate from QTAC 1819' this will take you two our migration utility. The migration utility will allow you to transfer data from your 1819 software into your 1920 software. We have a more in depth migration guide here

The second option is to 'Add New Company' this option will take you to the company creation screen where you will be able to fill in all the necessary details to create a company. This should be done if you weren't using last years software and  and therefore are unable to migrate.

A New Visual Style

It's not just the home screen that's been updated either, the rest of the software's various menus and forms have also been updated giving them a more organised and up to date look. You will also see that we have updated the colour schemes and logos throughout the software to match our new branding. This visual overhaul has been completed without any functionality changes. So not to worry if you have used our software before, everything should be where its always been.

Here you will also find some examples of Qtac's new look: