The ability to customise email subjects and messages when using email functionality in our software.

These can be setup at company level by going into ‘Company > Manage Company Email Messages’, and database level by going to ‘Settings > Manage Database Email Messages’.

We have moved our configure Company / Employee message option from the following locations:

  • ‘Company > Company Maintenance > Reports’
  • ‘Admin > Default Company > Reports’
  • ‘Company > Bureau Setup > Bureau Details’

This has been replaced by the ‘Email Message Maintenance’ feature, which we will take you through below.

Configuring Email Contents

QTAC allows you to define a default message for the subject and contents of the email that you can send out with reports. Specific messages can be setup for the type of report you are emailing out. This feature also allows you to tailor the email message by the recipient: Company, Employee or both.

Messages can be configured for the following reports: Payslips, P60s, Global Automated Reports, and AE letters (produced from the AE Control Centre).

How to configure for a specific company

To configure for a specific company go to: ‘Company > Manage Company Email Messages’. When adding, editing and deleting messages this will amend it for the company you are currently in.

To add a new message you will need to click on the ‘Add Item‘ button, which will bring up the Assign Message menu. In here you can select the function of the message (for what report you are configuring a message for), the recipient of the message, and create the message itself using the ‘Add Message‘ button.

Here you can set what message you want to appear in the email along with the report you have chosen for the company. You can specify a name for each message that you set up, this name will be distinguished within a list of messages you have previously setup.

You can set up a subject of the email, and the body of the email within the content field.

Placeholders can be used within both the subject and the content fields. These will pull out specific details from your payroll and populate the placeholder field.

Once you have created your message, you can then assign it to the report you want to email out. To do so, you can select from the Function drop-down box, the report you wish to email out with the message you are assigning. You can then select the Recipient, this allows you to have separate messages setup for both the company email, and the employee email.

How to configure for all companies

To configure for all companies you will want to access the Email Message Maintenance menu by going to:- ‘Settings > Manage Database Email Messages’.

Using these settings will make amendments to all companies within your payroll software. If you setup messages at database level through this menu, it will populate to all companies as a default, although if there have been email messages configured through ‘Company > Manage Company Email Messages‘, they will take priority.

Placeholders used in the messages

The placeholders below which will be replaced by the associated details upon the email being sent.

  • [@Title] = Employee Title
  • [@Forenames] = Employees Forenames
  • [@Surname] = Employees Surname
  • [@UserDisplayName] = Staff Number
  • [@ReportName] = Payslip reports are called “Payslip” otherwise report name
  • [@CompanyName] = Name of company
  • [@PayPeriodDescription] = What period you are emailing
  • [@TaxYear] = 1920

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