A 1046 error is the most common RTI error and is not an error with QTAC but with an online PAYE submission being made to HMRC.

HMRC are rejecting the online submission because some company details do not match what they have on record for that company.

PLEASE NOTE FOR QTAC / Mamut 17/18 USERSThe Government Gateway (where you send your online submissions) has changed the endpoint of where submissions are made to. 

If you are on any version lower than -  (you can check your current executable version in the software under 'Help' > 'About') you will need to run the latest update: 

  • If you are on QTAC Payroll - here
  • If you are on Mamut - here

If you are already on 20.175.00 or higher, please refer to the information below.

You may also need to update to send EPS or EYU's from 1617 or earlier, you can download the required update using the following links.

You will need to check the following as it is likely they are incorrect or mistyped:

  • Company Tax District number
  • Company PAYE Reference number
  • Company Accounts Office Reference number
  • Online Filing User ID (for the Government Gateway)
  • Online Filing Password (for the Government Gateway)

Check Company Details: In QTAC, if you go into ‘Company > Company Maintenance > Tax and NI’, make sure you have the correct ‘Tax District’, ‘Ref’ (PAYE Reference number) and ‘Accounts Office Reference’.

Check the references don’t have ‘Z‘ instead of ‘2‘ or ‘0‘ in place of ‘O‘. Also, if you go into the ‘FBI’ tab along the top of Company Maintenance and make sure you have the correct online filing ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ entered. You can also double check these details by logging on to the Government Gateway (www.gateway.gov.uk) and logging in with your user-name and password. Try copying and pasting the username and password from QTAC into the website to see if you can log in. Check and amend these details and try the RTI submission again.

The 1046 error is always due to these details being incorrect! You can contact HMRC Online Services to check company details with them on 0300 200 3600.

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