The AEO’s tab is used to add in an ‘Attachment of Earnings Order‘ – generally court orders and child support payments.

AEO’s are set up for each individual employee in their ‘Employee‘ > ‘Employee Maintenance‘ and then under the ‘AEO‘ tab.

Creating an AEO

You would normally receive a letter from the courts or relevant department with information about the AEO, which would give you details on the AEO.

  • Click the ‘Add New’ button to begin.
  • Select the AEO required from the order type drop down menu. You can see the section below for some basic AEO types and their calculation type.
  • If the AEO required has protected earnings then you can enter that figure in the relevant box. If the box is yellow and you cant enter a protected earnings value, then you do not need to enter a value for this AEO type. You may be using the wrong AEO type, the calculation may be handled for you in software or this AEO type simply doesn’t have protected earnings.
  • Using the information supplied on the AEO letter received, enter in an ‘Issuing Body Reference’ and ‘AEO Reference’ if known.
  • The ‘Total to be Paid’ and remaining balance to be taken must be entered in the 'Balance' box. These amounts will be the same if deductions have not started yet. 
  • Enter the ‘Data Received‘ (date you received the letter)
  • Enter the ‘Issue Date‘ (may be noted on the form you have received)
  • Enter ‘Start Date‘(the date the deductions are to be started from their pay)
  • Enter ‘Finish Date’(You can leave this blank if it is an ongoing AEO, like child maintenance)
  • Finally the amount to be deducted each period.(If it is a percentage AEO you will not be able to enter an amount, the software will calculate the deduction as the percentage that is to be taken.

You are now ready to save this AEO, the software will use the details you have entered to apply, deduct and stop the AEO as necessary.

AEO Order Types

A list of the basic AEO order types. They are organised by the calculation type.

Percentage AEO’s

CCAEO – Community charge AEO: this AEO is calculated as a percentage of your earnings. You cannot apply protected earnings to this AEO.
CTAEO – Council Tax AEO: You cannot apply protected earnings to this AEO.
FAEO – Magistrates court fine: You cannot apply protected earnings to this AEO.
SEA – Scottish earnings arrestment order: You cannot apply protected earnings to this AEO.

AEO’s calculated on a daily amount

SCMA – Scottish Current Maintenance Arrestment Order. Fixed at 13.64.
SCAO – Scottish Conjoined Arrestment Order. You cannot apply protected earnings to this.

AEO’s Calculated on amount:

These AEO’s charge a fixed amount to the employee each period. You can apply protected earnings on all of these AEO’s except where stated.

PAEO – Priority AEO
CPAEO – Consolidated Priority AEO
NPAEO – Non-Priority AEO
CNPAEO – Consolidated Non-Priority AEO
AE on AOS – Attachment of Earnings on an Admin Order
DEO 1993 – 2003 – Deduction from Earnings Order
DEO 2012 – Deduction of Earnings Order. Protected earnings set at 60%

AEO Information in Open and Pay

The ‘AEOs’ tab displays under the ‘Change’ button menu will show any Attachment of Earnings Orders that have been assigned to this employee under the ‘Employee’ > ‘Employee Maintenance’ screen. It will show details about what AEO’s are being processed, the amounts being taken and any Carry Forward amounts:

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