QTAC can be set to automatically submit FPS and EPS information after printing payslips or P32’s respectively.

This option is located in ‘Admin > User Options‘ in the ‘RTI Options‘ section.

In ‘User Options‘ you are able to configure QTAC to submit, create XMLs for later submissions or take no action for both FPS or EPS submissions. When set to automatic, Qtac will submit FPS information after you print payslips and EPS information after you print the P32 report.

User Options‘ sets the default behaviour of the company, or all companies by using the ‘Set All Companies RTI Options’ in the bottom left corner.

Note: This functionality is only available for print payslips or P32. The FPS & EPS will NOT be sent when emailing payslips or P32. 

Printing a Payslip or P32 Without Submitting RTI

If you want Qtac to automatically submit RTI but need to view a P32 or Payslip without submitting you can use the print option screen when generating the report.

Before printing or print previewing the report select the desired RTI option. This will return to the default value set in user options next time the report is run.

Here you have three RTI options:

  1. Do Not Submit : This will print the report but not submit anything.

  2. Create XML : This will print the report but also create an XML file for use with bulk RTI submissions.

  3. Submit XML  :  This will print the report and also submit your RTI data to HMRC.

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