An EPS is used to inform HMRC if you have any recovery from statutory payments like SMP, SSP etc or CIS deductions suffered.

You should submit an EPS each month to inform HMRC of a reduction in your liabilities. If you have nothing to recover and have submitted at least one FPS that month you do not need to submit an EPS.

Automatic Submission

If you have Qtac set up to automatically submit EPS. Simply print or print preview the P32 Report this can be found under ‘Reports > Pay Period > HMRC Remittance Advice > P32 report’ Automatic submission can be activated in ‘Admin > User Options > Submit RTI After P32’.

Manual Submission

If you prefer to submit RTI manually then you should ensure you have run the P32 report for the relevant pay-period first. Then you can submit by going to ‘File By Internet > Submit To HMRC‘ select ‘EPS‘ and Click ‘OK

To send the EPS select the correct period and click ‘Submit‘.

Period Of Inactivity

If there has been no activity on the payroll for the current month then a Period of inactivity should be submitted. This is done though the EPS window, by selecting the ‘Period of Inactivity’ button.

Select the appropriate type (current/earlier/future) then enter the start and end date of the period of inactivity. The maximum period of inactivity that can be submitted at once is 12 months.

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