An FPS (Full Payment Submission) is used to inform HMRC of payments made to employees.

It is a major component of RTI and those running payroll should have a good understanding of what it is used for.

Using QTAC to Submit Your FPS

Once your employee’s have been paid and closed you can submit an FPS. This can be done for the Company, Division/Department/Location or on a individual basis. Each time you pay employee’s you must submit an FPS on or before the payslip date to avoid the risk of a fine. Under RTI information about your payroll is sent to HMRC electronically, this article explains submitting FPS real time information.

Company Wide Submission

Select the company name at the top of the employee tree, once all employees are paid and closed go to ‘File By Internet > Submit To HMRC’ select FPS and click OK.

Select the ‘Pay Frequency’ and ‘Pay Period(‘s)’  and click submit.

Alternatively if you prefer to have automatic submissions turned on when printing payslips this can be set under 'Admin > User Options'. If QTAC is set up to submit FPS automatically you can print all your payslips and submit your FPS at once! Simply go to Reports > Pay Period > Payslips, then print the payslips.

Note: This functionality is only available for print payslips. The FPS will NOT be sent when emailing payslips. 

Submitting an Employee

Select the employee in the tree view and right click to show the contextual menu, click the ‘Submit RTI FPS’ or ‘Re-Submit FPS’ at the bottom of the contextual menu.

IF QTAC is set to submit FPS automatically you can use the employee print menu to print their payslip, QTAC will then automatically submit an FPS for that employee, you can also print a payslip from ‘Reports > Pay Period > Payslips’

Checking an FPS has been sent

Once your FPS has been received and accepted by HMRC. QTAC will display a Green Tick with a Circle around it symbol over the tick.


QTAC can also produce reports to show the status of your RTI submissions these can be found by going to ‘File By Internet > Status Reports > RTI Full Payment Submission (FPS)

If you have more than one company you can select them in the left hand part of the window. You can make multiple section’s using the buttons below the list or by Control-Clicking the companies you want included in the report.

The RTI FPS status report allows you to see submissions for one or multiple companies sorted by the status of the submission, pay period or pay frequencies. To see all of the FPS’s you have sent for a company in the current tax year, set status to ‘All‘ and tick the ‘Include All Pay Frequencies‘ tick-box before pressing the ‘Print Preview‘ button.

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