This guide covers setting up a new company with Qtac Payroll Manager & Assistant.

The same process applies for Bureau & Specialist – however they have a few extra options that are not available in the single-company versions. For more information please see the ‘Company Maintenance‘ article. Once Qtac is installed and you are ready to set up a company select ‘Company‘ > ‘Company Maintenance‘.

General Tab

Use the ‘General‘ tab to enter your company name and address and set basic employee display information.

Tax and NI Tab

The 'tax and NI tab' holds all of the information for your company that relates to tax and national insurance. Details such as your PAYE reference number, Tax district, accounts office reference can be entered and altered from here.

Your PAYE reference Should be entered into the ‘Tax District‘ field. On your letter it may be formatted 111/ABC123.

Tax District and Account’s Office Reference

In order to file Real Time Information (RTI) with HMRC you must fill out the ‘Tax District‘ and ‘Accounts Office Reference‘. These can be found on your PAYE payment booklet or letter supplied by HMRC.

Payment Frequency

If you have agreed with HMRC to pay ‘Quarterly‘ or ‘Annually‘ select the appropriate frequency in HMRC Payment (Note: This is not for setting the frequency that you pay your employees but instead for when you pay your HMRC bill).

NI Method

NI Method‘ can be used to select either the ‘Exact‘ or ‘Table‘ method of calculation. We recommend using the default of ‘Exact‘. You should only use ‘Table‘ if you fully understand what this method of calculation means.

To claim Small Employer Relief on statutory recovery, use the check box in the ‘NI method‘ box. To get more information on Small Employer relief and reclaiming statutory absence payments, visit this page.

Employment Allowance

To claim your annual employers NIC discount, check the box in the ‘Employment Allowance‘ section. The EA bought forward box is used when taking over or changing payroll software during the tax year. If you do not claim all of your discount within one tax year the balance does not transfer over to the new tax year.



In order to pay your staff you must define your payment calendar. This involves setting the dates for month one and then applying this formula to the rest of the year. Alternatively, you can manually set the dates for every month. Before you open and pay your first employee you must tick the box to 'Accept All Dates'. 

Payslip Date

This date should be the date on which employees receive they’re wages. If paying into a bank then this is the day the employee has access to the money.

Pay Period End Date

This should be the last day worked for which payment is being made on the ‘Payslip Date‘.

Generate Weeks/Generate Months

Once you have set the ‘Payslip Date‘ and ‘Pay Period End‘ dates for the first payments, use ‘Generate Weeks/Months‘ to auto-complete your payment calendar for the year.

Once you have generated your payroll calendar, check the tick-box marked ‘Accept All Dates‘ and press ‘Save‘.

Setting Up ‘File By Internet’

To send RTI you must first enter your Government Gateway user ID and password. Go to ‘File by Internet‘ > ‘Agent Setup

If you are only submitting for one company there is no need to enter ‘Agent Details‘. Simply enter your Government Gateway User ID and Password.

You are now ready to begin adding employees to the payroll.

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Qtac, a recognised payroll solutions provider in the UK, has been serving businesses for 30 years. Specializing in both payroll software and outsourced payroll services, Qtac caters to small businesses, large corporations, and payroll bureaux. Our software, recognised by HMRC, streamlines the payroll process, featuring RTI submissions, workplace pensions management, and a cloud-based portal for payslips and employee self-service. This software is supported by top-tier customer assistance, ensuring a smooth payroll experience.

Additionally, Qtac offers tailored ‘white-labelled’ outsourcing services. These services are particularly attractive to accountancy firms, as they save time, reduce stress, and mitigate payroll-related risks. By outsourcing to Qtac, companies can be confident in the knowledge that their payroll needs are being expertly managed.

Qtac's solutions are not just about functionality; they are about building long-lasting relationships with clients, offering them a combination of technology and expertise. Their commitment to adapting to client needs and providing reliable, efficient services has established Qtac as a trusted name in the payroll solutions sector in the UK. In essence, Qtac simplifies and enhances the payroll process for a diverse range of clients, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 

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