This page explains the basic principles behind setting an employee as a leaver.

This includes advice on how to submit their information to HRMC. It also explains how to print a P45 and how each page is used by the employee and employer.

Setting The Employee As Left

Right-click the employees name and select ‘Employee Maintenance’ from the menu.
(Or alternatively highlight the employee use the menus: ‘Employee > Employee Maintenance‘)

  • Go to the ‘Personal’ tab along the top
  • Enter the ‘Date Left’ Click ‘Save’, you should see the ‘Payroll Status‘ change to ‘Left
  • If the ‘Payroll Status’ only changes to ‘Due to leave’ then the date left is still in the future.

If done correctly then after closing Employee Maintenance the employee’s name will appear highlighted in YELLOW.

Submitting Leaver information to HMRC

You don’t need to do anything extra, any leavers or starters will automatically be submitted to HMRC the next time you submit an RTI submission in QTAC. 

Printing A Plain Paper P45

Qtac can print this P45 on to plain paper for you.

If you want to print a P45 Plain Paper then firstly set the employee to be ‘Left’ (See the ‘How to set an employee as a leaver’ section above). Then right-click the employee's name and select  ‘Employee Print‘ > ‘P45 Plain Paper’.

You will see this window below :

You can then Select P45 parts that you wish to print at the bottom ride right of the window. 

The 3 part of P45 is no longer mandatory due to the introduction of the RTI. 

This is a perfectly legal document and you do NOT have to print P45’s on official HMRC stationery. HMRC also allows for this report to be exported to a PDF format and emailed to the employee as an attachment so the employee can print it themselves.

Exporting to PDF can be achieved by choosing to ‘Print Preview‘ the document and then selecting the ‘Export‘ option.

If you Can’t See Any Leavers On Your Home Screen

After setting an employee to be a leaver, they may not show up on your list of employees.

If you go into ‘Admin’ > ‘User Options’–tick the box for ‘Include Leavers’ and then ‘Save’ and ‘Close’– the employee will now display on the main payroll homepage.

What Is A P45 & What Are The Different Parts For?

P45’s should be given to employees when you stop working for the company. The P45 shows how much the employee has paid in tax on their salary so far in the tax year (6th April to 5th April).

A P45 has 4 parts (Part 1, Part 1A, Part 2 and Part 3):
1. Employers would send Part 1 to HMRC electronically (See the ‘Submitting P45s to HMRC’ section above for more info) and give the other parts to the employee
2. Employees would give Part 2 and 3 to the new employer (or to Jobcentre Plus if not working)
3. Employees should keep Part 1A for themselves. By law, your employers must give employees a P45.

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