The Qtac home screen is the main displayed page that you will see when you log onto Qtac.

From here you have access to all of your employee records and your company information. You can pay your employees, send information to the HMRC and produce detailed reports on information from the software.

Using the Search Bar

The home screen of the software has the facility to search for created employees using the ‘Search’ options near the top right hand corner of the main screen.

  • You can search by: Surname/Forename/Tax Code/Post Code/NI Code/Staff No/Company Ref/Company Name.
  • Use the second list to refine the search, allowing you to search by: Stars with, Equals, Contains or Ends with.
  • Enter in the term/value/number into the ‘Search’ box and then click the ‘Search’ button.

  • When clicking ‘Search’ the first employee who meets the criteria will be highlighted in grey in the employee list down the left hand side.
  • By clicking the > button (if applicable) the next matching employee will be highlighted.
  • If all employees in the search are found then a message will be displayed.
  • By clicking the < button (if applicable) the previous employee will be highlighted.
  • Click the ‘Clear’ button to clear the current search allowing you to make another one.

Shortcut Buttons

The main menu contains shortcuts to several of the most widely used functions in the software.

  1. ‘Exit’ button. Clicking this will close the program.
  2. ‘Load Employee’. This loads the most recent pay calculation for the highlighted employee.
  3. ‘Open and Pay Employee’. This opens the ‘Open and Pay Employee’window for the highlighted employee.
  4. ‘Close Employee’. This button closes off the pay period for the highlighted employee.
  5. ‘Employee Maintenance’. This will open ‘Employee Maintenance’ for the highlighted employee.
  6. ‘Absence Recording’. Opens the ‘Absence Recording’ window for the highlighted employee.
  7. ‘Print Payslips’. This will print out the latest payslip for the highlighted employee, department/division/location or company.
  8. Sections’. This will open the current section selection screen, allowing you to switch between sections. Sections are only a part of the Bureau/Specialist versions of the software.

Payroll and Calculator Mode

Along the top of the payroll there are two options, which allow you to switch between the different modes.

  • In payroll mode: you are able to run your normal payroll. You will be able to access all of your employees and companies information. In this mode, when you ‘Open and Pay’ you will see the calculation for your current period.
  • In calculator mode: you can use the calculator to do one off sums, any calculations you do in this mode will not count towards your payroll information for your employees. Calculator mode is only used as a tool for your payroll and will not send any information to the revenue or save any information onto your payroll.

Employee List

The employee list will show you the company name (highlighted below) and any employees within this company below that.

The red symbol means that no payroll processing has been carried out – If the employee is a new employee or an employee who has yet to be paid in the software.

The orange symbol means an employee has been open and paid and then cancelled for a period but not saved, this usually occurs when a calculation has been cancelled.

The green symbol means that the employee’s pay has been calculated for that period but the period is still open. You must close the period before you are able to move onto the next period.

The red and green symbol with a black outline means that these employees have been submitted in an RTI FPS to HMRC but they have yet to be paid in the payroll.

The tick symbol next to the employee means the employee has been paid and closed for the period. The Pay Period will be shown in brackets next to the employee’s name.

A green tick with circle means that the employee has been closed for the pay period and that the RTI FPS (Full Payment Submission) details have been sent for the pay period.

[M00] Surname, Forename

An employee highlighted in red is either ‘On Hold’ or in a ‘Trade Dispute’ – employees can be marked as on hold/trade dispute by right clicking the employees name and selecting ‘Employee Maintenance’ > ‘Personal’ – the ‘Payroll Status’ can be set to ‘On Hold’ or ‘Trade Dispute’.

[M00] Surname, Forename

An employee highlighted in yellow is a ‘Leaver’ – employees can be marked as a leaver by right clicking the employees name and selecting ‘Employee Maintenance’ > ‘Personal’ – the ‘Payroll Status’ can be set to ‘Left’ and a ‘Date Left’ entered.

[M00] Surname, Forename

An employee highlighted in the orange is marked as ‘Due to Leave’ – this is when you have someone who is leaving at the end of a period but you need to make a final payment to them before leaving. Employees can be marked as ‘Due to Leave’ by right clicking the employees name and selecting ‘Employee Maintenance’ & ‘Personal’ – the ‘Payroll Status’ can be set to ‘Due to Leave’ and a ‘Date Left’ entered as the day they are leaving.

[M00] Surname, Forename


An employee highlighted in green is receiving ‘Statutory Payments’ – employees can be configured for Statutory Payments via ‘Employee > Absence Recording’ – the Statutory Payment can be created by clicking Add New.

[M00] Surname, Forename


An employee highlighted in red is a ‘CIS Subcontractor’ – An employee can be set as CIS by going to ‘Employee Maintenance > General > Tick CIS Subcontractor Box’ – This is an employee who is under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).


[M00] Surname, Forename


An employee who is BOLD is an employee who has ‘Notes’ – These ‘Notes’ can be found under ‘Employee Maintenance > Notes’ – They can also be added here by clicking ‘Add New’

Pay Period Indicator

Next to each employees name is a letter/number combination in brackets. The numbers show the last pay period processed for the employee – this number automatically advances to the next period when ‘Open & Pay Employee’ is performed on a closed employee.

The letter of the Pay Period Indicator determines the employees pay frequency:

W = Weekly
M = Monthly
T = Two Weekly
F = Four Weekly
Q = Quarterly
H = Half Yearly
A = Annually

A little bit about us...

Qtac, a recognised payroll solutions provider in the UK, has been serving businesses for 30 years. Specializing in both payroll software and outsourced payroll services, Qtac caters to small businesses, large corporations, and payroll bureaux. Our software, recognised by HMRC, streamlines the payroll process, featuring RTI submissions, workplace pensions management, and a cloud-based portal for payslips and employee self-service. This software is supported by top-tier customer assistance, ensuring a smooth payroll experience.

Additionally, Qtac offers tailored ‘white-labelled’ outsourcing services. These services are particularly attractive to accountancy firms, as they save time, reduce stress, and mitigate payroll-related risks. By outsourcing to Qtac, companies can be confident in the knowledge that their payroll needs are being expertly managed.

Qtac's solutions are not just about functionality; they are about building long-lasting relationships with clients, offering them a combination of technology and expertise. Their commitment to adapting to client needs and providing reliable, efficient services has established Qtac as a trusted name in the payroll solutions sector in the UK. In essence, Qtac simplifies and enhances the payroll process for a diverse range of clients, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 

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