This area of the software can be accessed from ‘Company > Company Maintenance > Calendar’.

This tab will allow you to set the payslip and pay period end dates for your employees. This means that you could change the date the employees are paid from the 25th of the month to the 31st for example.

Calendar Dates

If you pay your employees on any of the weekly pay frequencies then you will be using the top half of the ‘Calendar Dates’  window to apply changes to your payslip date. If you are on a monthly pay frequency you will see the ‘Monthly’ option in the lower half of the window. We will give a brief description below of what each of the fields are for.

  • Tax Week/Tax Month:
    Use the Tax Week/Tax Month drop down menus to select the week/month for a specific period. review the payslip and pay period end dates for that period.

  • Payslip Date:
    This date is printed on the payslip for earnings paid in the selected period. The Payslip Date is the date which the employee is paid and can only be within the week or month you are paying.
  • Pay Period End Date:
    The Pay Period End Date is the point where earnings paid in the selected period end. For example: If paying a week-in-hand, then this date should be set a week prior to the payslip date.

Making Changes

Setting Weekly Payslip Dates:
Important: The dates for the year must be set from the first period for the frequency e.g. 1 for weekly, 2 for 2-weekly or 4 for 4-weekly. Then by clicking Generate Weeks or Generate Months the dates for each period will be calculate automatically.

Setting Monthly Payslip Dates:

  • The monthly dates can be changed individually by selecting the tax period from the drop-down list and entering the required date.
  • By selecting the first option a day of the month can be entered. Then by clicking ‘Generate Months‘ the dates for each period will be calculated automatically.
  • By selecting the second option the monthly dates can be set-up to be a specific day of each month e.g. the last Friday of each month. Click ‘Generate Months‘ to calculate the date automatically.

Accept all Dates:
The dates will need to be accepted to be able to pay employees. Once you are certain you have entered the correct dates, tick the ‘Accept All Dates’ tick-box. If this box is not ticked the program will not allow you to perform calculations and a warning message will be presented and will direct you to the calendar screen.

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