It is possible to re-open closed pay periods that you have already closed by using the ‘Back Process’ option.

This process will overwrite any calculations done for a certain week/month and allow you to re-run that pay period again.

Back processing is IRREVERSIBLE. Ensure you have taken a backup before back processing your data.

You can only back process individual employees and not in bulk.

If you back process an employee ALL of the employee pay records and data – after and including the pay period you back process – will be removed.

Example: if you have an employee on period 5 and you back process to period 3 – periods 3, 4, and 5 will be removed.

You can access this option by selecting the employees name down the left hand side and then ‘Employee’ > ‘Back Process’.

When selecting ‘Back Process’ the following message will appear. You should be aware of any decrementing deductions and check any balances before you proceed. A decrementing balance could be an item like holiday pay/holiday accrual or AEOs etc.

Click 'OK', once you have checked the decrementing balances, then select the pay period that you wish to permanently remove. Then tick 'Leave closed at previous period.'


This will leave the employee closed at the month before the one you have back processed. 

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