Before beginning invoicing, Qtac requires some configuration for the software to customise the invoicing experience to your needs.

Adding a Bureau

Each Company must have a bureau assigned for an invoice to be built, if you operate multiple brands, you can create many bureaux, assigning them at an individual company.

  • Navigate to Company > Bureau Setup > Bureau Details
  • If a bureau does not already exist, click on Add New and name your bureau
  • Once created, and for existing bureaus, you will find a number of invoice configurations on the right hand side of the screen
    • Invoice Footer: Text entered here will be displayed at the bottom of the invoice distributed to your client.
    • Invoice Payment Message: Text entered will be displayed under the payment instruction message on the invoice distributed to your client
    • VAT Reg No.- Enter your VAT registration number to display on your invoice that is distributed to your client
    • Invoice Logo: If you wish to display a branded logo on your invoices, select your logo
    • Billing Model: Select 'Invoiced Direct To Client'
  • Save and Close

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Adding a Price List

Companies can be billed based on two models; a price list model, where a pricing structure is defined with a charge per employee, or using a fixed rate model, where the company will be billed a fixed value regardless of the number of employees processed that period.

If you wish to bill companies based on a price list, you must pre-configure you price lists. Price lists are global and once defined, can be defined to any companies within your database.

You can configure an unlimited number of price lists if you operate several pricing structures, for example, a higher-rate for clients who operate auto enrolment.

To create a new price list: 

  • Navigate to the invoicing menu and select Manage Price Lists
  • Select Add
  • Define the name of your price list (for example: Auto Enrolment Clients)
  • Choose 'Add Band' in the bottom left to define your first band, if you do not have employee bands, you can select the Unlimited checkbox to only apply one band.

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Configuring Invoice Numbers

Qtac provides the ability to supply a seed number for your invoices, for example to start all invoice numbers from 5000.

  • Navigate to Invoicing > Invoice Settings
  • Supply the invoice number seed.

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Managing invoice items

Items marked as a value will be processed as a fixed value per invoice. Items marked as rate will be multiplied by the number of employees processed in that invoicing period.

Qtac provides a series of invoice items by default.

  • BACS Charge - Allows a regular charge to be applied to a company for providing BACS services
  • Re-processing Fee- An item which will charge any back process and reprocesses at a specified rate.
  • Postage- An item that allows you to bill for physical payslip distribution via post.
  • Nil Returns- An item that will detect an EPS NIL Return to HMRC and charge at the specified value.
  • Payroll Processing Service- This item is provided to allow you to adjust the name of the invoice item on the payslip. This item does not permit the changing of type, as the billing model is controlled by the company configuration.

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Qtac, a recognised payroll solutions provider in the UK, has been serving businesses for 30 years. Specializing in both payroll software and outsourced payroll services, Qtac caters to small businesses, large corporations, and payroll bureaux. Our software, recognised by HMRC, streamlines the payroll process, featuring RTI submissions, workplace pensions management, and a cloud-based portal for payslips and employee self-service. This software is supported by top-tier customer assistance, ensuring a smooth payroll experience.

Additionally, Qtac offers tailored ‘white-labelled’ outsourcing services. These services are particularly attractive to accountancy firms, as they save time, reduce stress, and mitigate payroll-related risks. By outsourcing to Qtac, companies can be confident in the knowledge that their payroll needs are being expertly managed.

Qtac's solutions are not just about functionality; they are about building long-lasting relationships with clients, offering them a combination of technology and expertise. Their commitment to adapting to client needs and providing reliable, efficient services has established Qtac as a trusted name in the payroll solutions sector in the UK. In essence, Qtac simplifies and enhances the payroll process for a diverse range of clients, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 

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