Pro-rata on start

Warning: This menu item will only show on new employees that have not been paid.

The pro-rata on start option allows salaried employees to have a part payment automatically calculated based on information provided in the pay rate and the 'pro-rata on start' screen.

This menu item will appear only if the start date of the employee is part of the way though a month/week.

Once you have clicked the 'Pro-Rata on Start' button the following screen will appear.

There are three options:

Annual Salary over 365 days: annual salary divided by 365, multiplied by number of days remaining within the period

Annual Salary over working days: annual salary divided by 261, multiplied by the number of working remaining days in period (mon-Fri)

Working days this month: annual salary divided by 261, multiplied number of days specified in 'Days Worked this Month' text field

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