Three year re-enrolment date

This date is used to select the mandatory AE re-enrolment date that takes place every three years, you can find this in ‘Auto Enrolment > Select Re-enrolment Date’. Occasionally this re-enrolment date could be incorrect, as displayed in the image below.


How to amend this

To fix this issue you will have to use SQL Management Studi via ‘Databases > qtac2223 > Tables > dbo.tblCompany’ then search for the companyavigate to the tables and via ‘Databases > qtac2223 > Tables > dbo.tblCompany’ then search for the company in question. From here we will be changing three different tables with dates provided by the client.

  • dtmThreeYearAniversary
  • dtmReEnrolmentDate
  • dtmNextThreeYearAniversary (enter the same date with +3 years on the YYYY)

Now when going back to ‘Auto Enrolment > Select Re-enrolment Date’ the date should be amended.

A Quicker Method

You are able to resolve this issue faster by doing as follows. Open SQL Management Studio > New Query > Paste the query listed below > Change 'QTAC' with the company in question > Execute.

SELECT dtmThreeYearAnniversary, dtmNextThreeYearAnniversary, dtmReEnrolmentDate FROM tblCompany

WHERE strCompanyName = 'QTAC';