Qtac portal allows a single user to be associated with multiple accounts, supplying a user the ability to access to different employments through to administrating several companies or an entire bureau. Upon login to their account they'll be presented with a selection list of the accounts they've been granted access to. 

If a user has an existing Qtac portal account and is invited to join a new employment or become a company administrator they will receive an email invitation to verify and accept that they would like to link their account. 

When you attempt to add a user who is an existing account holder to a new employment, as a company administrator or bureau user it will prompt you with the following message: 

Upon pressing 'Yes, continue...' an email will be sent to the user at the specified email address asking them to confirm that they would like to accept the invitation. 

Pending Invites

Whilst the users invite is pending, they will appear under 'Pending User Link Invitations'.

If the user's invite has expired (indicated by the status updating to Invitation Expired) you are able to resend the invite by selecting the action menu and choosing 'Resend Invite'. This is also a useful function if a user has not received their email or requires it to be reissued. 

If the user has been invited in error or no longer requires access, you can delete their invitation by selecting 'Delete Invite' from the action menu. This will prevent the user from being able to accept the invite and gain access to the account.