Divisions, Departments and locations are used to split employees into various sections within a company that can then be used to separate the employees in the tree view, and to report on either specific company entities or provide sub-totals in reports by company entity. The entities can be anything you want, we just use Division, Department and Location as titles.

To create these entities use the Company>Divisions/Departments/Locations/GL Codes form.

Short codes can be entered that can then be used in employee imports, rather than using the full entity name.

If the company GL code structure has been defined to include the entity then a GL code for the entity may be entered. It will be restricted in length by the number of characters specified when creating the company Gl structure in Company>Company Maintenance GL codes tab. See the knowledge base article on Creating GL Codes for more information on this.

A division may have a logo associated with it.


Once the company entities have been created employees can be assigned to the entities in Employee>Employee Maintenance General tab in the Work Area frame.

The User Options button can be used to split the tree view by business entity.

If you have a large number of employees in the company it is worth unchecking the ‘Always Expand Display Tree’ since this will speed up the tree view display.

Selecting an entity from the tree view will allow functions such as ‘Pay All’ to be performed on the employees within that entity only. 

Similarly the selection of an entity will restrict a report to only run on the employees within that entity, if the report allows section selection.

Reports can be sectioned and sub-totalled by the business entities, and the option is given in Company>Company Maintenance Reports tab whether to split the report into separate pages by entity.

The Grouping of reports can be selected in the report Selection Criteria form, and this selection will be retained on a user by user basis for each report for each company.

If you have weekly and monthly paid employees entities for weekly and monthly can be used to segregate the employees.

Business entities cannot be deleted if any employees have been processed using the entity within the tax year.


If employees move to a different entity, their previous payments are not changed. (I.e the entity at payment remains as it was when calculated).

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