Configuring a company to pay employees by BACS or Internet Banking.

The company bank account must be set up in the Company>Company Maintenance Payments tab for both BACS and Internet Banking in order to instruct the payment system or bank the account from which to take the payments.

The majority of the BACS File Formats available do not require any of the other fields in the BACS/Autopay/BOBS/Faxpay/Telepay be completed, other than the selection of the format type.

The APACS 18 selection requires the entry of both a Submission Serial Number and Company BACS Number.

The Company BACS number is a unique six digit number Service User Number (SUN), sometimes referred to as an Originator ID, allocated to the company by the BACS Service.

The Submission Serial Number is a six character number which has to be unique on the day of the submission. If only a single submission is made each day then the same number can be used.

The Northern Bank selection requires the Company BACS number.

There are over 20 formats currently provided in the Qtac software which produce export files for various banks and third party submission systems. Some of these formats require additional narratives and/or a reference or processing date to be added before producing a BACS report and associated BACS export file. These additional fields are prompted when printing the BACS report through Reports>Pay Period>Payment Method Reports>BACS List.

The BACSTEL-IP indicator needs to be selected if the BACSTEL-IP format is to be used, and if the APACS 18 format is to be used for direct submission to BACS.

These file formats contain a randomly generated four character field, which, along with the employer’s bank sort code, the employee’s bank sort code and the amount of the payment are hashed into a 64 character string and included in the FPS submission.

More information on the BACS Hash can be found here:-



It is necessary to have set the BACSTEL-IP flag before paying employees for the random 4 character code to be generated.

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