The Job Support Scheme has been announced to support employers in retaining staff during the COVID-19 outbreak. The scheme will go live on 01 November 2020, anticipated to run for 6 months until 30 April 2021, further information on the Job Support Scheme, including information on who qualifies, definition of contractual hours, and how the calculation should be performed is available on The Job Support Scheme

This article requires the creation and usage of additions & deductions.

Configuring the Company for the Job Support Scheme

Within Company > Additions and Deductions within the Additions tab you can now select a 'Payment Type' called JSS Open. This will auto-populate the relevant fields for the JSS addition.

If the company is within Tier 3 they're eligible for 'JSS Closed' and a similar addition should be added for JSS Closed.


Configuring Employees for the Job Support Scheme

 In Employee Maintenance > Pay Rates you can now add 'Contracted Hours' for an employee.

 Note: The contracted hours need to be populated in order for the top-up hours to be calculated. If the employee has been placed under furlough previously, their contracted hours will automatically be populated from the furlough record. The pre-populated hours should be checked as depending on their circumstances, they may require re-calculating. 

Paying Job Support Scheme

Go to Open & Pay > Change > Add New Addition. You can then select the JSS Open (JSS Closed if under tier 3 rules) addition from the dropdown box. 

When a JSS addition has been selected, the following 2 additions will be created: 

  • Employer Top Up (JSS)
  • Government Top Up (JSS)

The hours will be automatically populated for these additions.


In this example: 

  • The employee is contracted for 33 hours as specified in “Contracted Hours” of Employee Maintenance.
  • He works 15 hours in the week, as specified in the JSS Open addition
  • The non working hours are 18hrs (33hrs – 15hrs)
  • Two thirds of the non working hours are topped up by the Employer and the Government which comes to 12 hours.  
  • The employer part makes up 5% of the 12 hours = 0.6 hrs
  • The government make up the remainder totaling 11.4 hrs

Calculation results



Regular JSS Payments

If the employee is to be paid under JSS for several periods, it's possible to set the JSS addition as a permanent addition, in order for the payment to be automatically added during the open and pay process.

Select the relevant employee, navigate to 'Employee' > 'Employee Maintenance. Switch to the 'Additions' tab, select 'Add New Addition', and choose the relevant JSS Open/Closed addition. You will be required to change the 'Rate' and the 'Hours' to match their working pay information.