From 1st July 2020 employers will be able to bring existing furloughed employees back to work on a flexible basis for any hours or shift pattern required. The employers will then be permitted to claim for any hours not worked (furloughed) through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, with a minimum claim period of one week. 

Employers will need to ensure that they have updated their employee's furlough periods to include a Normal Working Hours. For further information view the guide on our knowledge base.

Furlough pay will continue to be paid out via the 'Basic Pay' element within Open and Pay. Hours worked by the employee will be paid out via an addition. The hours worked addition must be configured as a 'Part-Time Furlough' payment type. 

Setting up an hours worked addition

  • Navigate to Company > Additions and Deductions
  • Select 'Add New'
  • Specify an addition description, this name will be displayed on the employee's payslip
  • Set the rate and rate factor. If you wish the software to use the employee's standard pay rate, leave the rate field blank
    (Note - in order for Qtac to calculate an accurate claim value, you must supply the employee's hourly rate)
  • Select 'Part-Time (Furlough)' from the 'Payment Type' drop-down list and 'Save' the addition

Paying an employee under flexible furlough

  • Select the relevant employee
  • Right-click and select 'Open and Pay Employee'
  • The furlough pay will be automatically populated for a full furlough period
  • Choose 'Change' and click to 'Add New Addition'
  • Select the addition you previously created and enter the amount/hours for the work carried out
  • Choose to 'Save Addition' and 'Close' 
  • Qtac will automatically reduce the furlough pay by the hours worked