The QPortal has the ability to upload a extra reports or documents outside the Qtac Payroll software.

This gives you the option to store other documents that need to be kept secure or re-visited by the Company User. A few examples can include: Time sheet templates, client SLA's, new start checklists etc.

Uploading a document to the QPortal

You can upload Excel, Word & PDF documents to the portal and assign them either to a specific pay frequency or to the documents section.

This feature is found in the Qtac Software by navigating to 'Portal > Document Upload'

Click the ‘Add’ button in the bottom left.

Screenshot of where the document upload option is found

Next click ‘Select’ and locate the document/s you would like to upload.

Once selected next decide if you would like the document to be uploaded to either the ‘Document’ or ‘Pay Period Document’ section of the portal.

Screenshot to show document upload screen

If you have set up Payroll Groups set up select the group who has access to this report. To find out more about ‘Payroll Groups’ see the our KB article Setting up a Payroll Group.

When uploading to a Pay Period Document select the required Pay Frequency and Pay Period from the drop down boxes to ensure the report displays correctly.

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