From April 2020 businesses – whose class 1 NICs liabilities in the previous tax year was less than £100,000 - must notify HMRC at the start of every tax year if they intend to claim employment allowance. Employment allowance is considered De Minimis State Aid and as such, you will now be required to indicate the state aid sector that the business operates in.

This guide covers submitting an EPS for multiple companies with Qtac Payroll Specialist.

De Minimis state aid

During the migration of companies from the previous tax year to the current tax year you will have the opportunity to set the default state aid sector.

If during migration you did not select a default state aid sector you will need to set the appropriate state aid sector(s) in ‘Company Maintenance > Tax and NI > Claim Employment Allowance’. 




Employment Allowance can only be claimed if total qualifying employers’ (secondary) Class 1 NICs liabilities in the tax year before the year of a claim was less than £100,000.

Building EPS submissions for multiple companies

Go to “File by Internet > Global RTI > Build EPS” or click the “Bulk Create EPS” button.

Select the section you wish to build EPS for, if you wish to select companies from multiple sections choose “All” from the section drop down.

Submitting Created RTI EPS

Go to “File By Internet > Schedule Submissions”

Note: “Submissions available to schedule” will contain any RTI documents that have been built, for example, any FPS submission built but not submitted will be available to schedule.

Submitting Scheduled submissions

  1. Enter the time that submissions will begin, the time needs to be in the future
  2. Select the RTI documents to be submitted
  3. Click the “>>>>>>” button
  4. Click Activate Timer

Each RTI submission will take several seconds if you have a large number of submissions the instance of Qtac submitting RTI will be unavailable during the submissions.

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