Please note this article only applies if you are receiving advanced funding from HMRC

You will need to follow the SMP guide linked below this paragraph and run the first period of SMP before following this SMP Advanced Funding guide, this process will need to be completed after the payroll and reports have been run (including the P32) but before the company has paid HMRC. 

Setup for funding

You need to turn on 'Show Year to Date on IR Remittance' in 'Company > Company Maintenance > Reports' this will allow the P32 report to correctly display the SMP advanced funding. This step will need to be performed only once per company.

Monthly Process

The steps listed below need to be completed at the end of each tax month.

Go to 'Company > EOY totals' and then click the 'SMP.SPP.ASPP.SAP.ShPP' tab at the top of the screen, Take a note of the SMP recovery value for the tax month you have just completed.

Navigate to the Funding, deductions and payment screen and using the value you have noted enter it into the SMP, SAP, SPP box highlighted in the screenshot below.

The final step is to make sure all of the past period payments to HMRC are entered in the 'Payments made to HMRC' column. If this is not compleated, the P32 will be incorrect. 

Once the above has been configured, run the P32 and the value to pay HMRC will be stated in the 'Now Due' section. 


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