This guide will explain how to record the bank details against an AEO record.

When the AEO has been added you can link the AEO to a beneficiary account to record the payment details for this AEO. The first step is to click the button to ‘View Beneficiaries’.

This will take you to the Beneficiaries page. You can either select from the options on the left, then click ‘Save’ or click ‘Add New’ on the left to create a new beneficiary.

 From the Beneficiaries screen below, you can start by selecting the beneficiary type ‘AEO’ from the drop down menu then enter the required details that you would like to store for this beneficiary. You will then need to click ‘Save’ on the bottom right- hand corner.


After you have clicked ‘Save’ then ‘Close’, you will be taken back to the AEO screen. To complete this process you will need to select the AEO that you have created below the ‘Link to Beneficiary Account’ title. You will then need to click ‘Save AEO’, ‘Save’ then ‘Close’.