This guide will show you how to add and produce an export defined by yourself.

Our User Defined Exports feature allows you to create a custom search and export from the software.

From the main menu, navigate to 'Reports > User Defined Exports > Manage Exports':

User Defined Exports

Defining an Export

To add your first export, in the next window click ‘Add New’:

Give you export a name and then select the drop down menu ‘Reporting Category’ in order to gain access to all the fields available for that type of entity. For example, if you wanted to report on employee details, select ‘Employee’.

Select the columns that you want to display on your export by selecting the check boxes on the left side of the window.

Once selected, re-order the columns to suit and then click ‘Save’.

Refreshing the Manage Exports screen will reveal the new export definition.

Exporting your report to Excel

Any of your user defined exports will dynamically load into the menu items under 'Reports > User Defined Exports'.

Selecting one of your new exports will direct you to a report selection screen, which will vary depending on the type of export that you have built.

Select the location where you’d like to create this Excel report and click Export. Once successfully exported you will have the option to open the file immediately.

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