At the end of the tax year there are some procedures that need to take place.

This Article also explains changes in the 19/20 product which can be found at the bottom. 

18/19 year end process

Below we have outlined the end of year process for 18/19

Do I need a week 53?

Week 53 takes place when your payslip date falls on Friday 5th April 2019. This applies to weekly, fortnightly and four weekly paid employees.

The NI calculation for week 53 will be accomplished exactly the same as every other pay period. The only change will be for tax calculations this will alter every employee to a week1/month1 tax basis automatically. 

Final FPS

QTAC will automatically include the ‘Final Submission Indicator’ within your final (W52/W53/M12) FPS submission.

Simply put, all you need to do at the end of the year is:

  • Pay your final period (W52/W53/M12)
  • Submit FPS (Full Payment Submission)


P60’s are the forms you must send to your employees if they are employed in your business on the 6th of April. These forms are still mandatory. These can be produced from the QTAC software from “Reports > Year End > Electronic P60’s”. If you have the company name selected the software will run the P60’s for the whole company. For more information on P60's please click here.

Installing and Migrating the New Software

At the end of the tax year QTAC produces a new version of the payroll software. You can download this new version from our website or alternatively you can be sent a disk if you wish. You are able to migrate the data from one version of the software into the other to save you having to re-add all your employees and companies into the new years software. For more information on this process see Migrate last years data.

Client Computer changes for 19/20

For the Qtac 19/20 payroll software all computers must be running .Net Framework 4.5+. A new version of Crystal reports is also required and will need to be installed on each client machine. Our full install will do this automatically however you can download the crystal reports upgrade by clicking here.  

Changes introduced in 19/20

Below we have some of the changes with the Qtac19/20 payroll software, we have also outlined some new statutory changes. 

UI (User Interface) Qtac's new look

As you may already be aware we updated our branding last year and for 19/20 we have updated the UI. We have also made some quality of life changes. For more information please click here.


Migrating company sections (Bureau & Specialist only)

A new addition to the 19/20 payroll software is the ability to Migrate Sections during the migration process, please click here for further information.

Payslip changes (Reporting hours worked)

The new amendment which comes into force on 6th April 2019 requires Employers to itemize employees earnings which vary depending on the amount of time the employee worked. Please click here for further information on this.

Post Graduate Student loan

A new student loan type has been added for post graduate please click here for more information 

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