First Steps…

1. Point of contact

Nominate someone in your organization as a point of contact, someone who will be in charge of the transition into auto enrolment and your continued handling of it.

2. Confirm staging date

You will need to confirm your company staging date and start working towards this date. You may not know your staging date, so you can use an online staging date calculator. The Pension Regulator Staging Date Calculator

What you need to do between now and staging…

3. Assess your workforce / Run a pre-staging date assessment

Look into your employees and assess those that will be auto enrolled, this will help you understand what’s to come. You can view a pre-staging report in ‘Reports > Auto Enrolment > Pre-staging Reports > Employee Assessment’

You will need to research into and select a pension scheme that is right for both you and your employees. QTAC will provide a link with 3 different pension providers: NEST, NOW Pensions and The Peoples Pension. If you have an existing pension scheme then speak with your pension provider – remember the existing scheme must meet the requirements of an auto enrolment workplace pension.

4. Inform your workforce

Keep your employees informed of the changes, so that they are aware of what will be happening and when. Remember that not all employees will be enrolled into the pension scheme, only those who qualify.

What you need to do at staging…

5. Enrol any eligible jobholders

Anyone who qualifies for the pension scheme should be enrolled. They can, of course, choose to opt out if they choose.

6. Register with The Pensions Regulator

Employers MUST register to confirm they have complied. The deadline is 5 months after the company staging date.

7. Continue monitoring employees to enrol and contribute to workers pensions

You will have to pay the contributions to your pension scheme provider and provide them with details of contributions being made for each employee.

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