QTAC software effortlessly allows emailing of payslips either directly via SMTP or through outlook without the need for any third party applications.

With offices becoming increasingly paperless the ability to email reports to employees or clients directly is an essential feature.

Setting up Email Distribution

Before payslips can be sent the email distribution needs to be configured. Enter ‘Company > Company Maintenance‘ and navigate to the ‘Reports‘ tab. In the bottom right hand corner you can configure the following options: Outlook, Google Mail, Live Mail & SMTP.

When selecting Outlook, there is no need to carry out any further configuration. The software will seamlessly integrate with outlook and send the payslips directly from your primary account.

When selecting either Google Mail or Live Mail you will be required to enter both the user-name and password for your account. These will be the same credentials that you use to login into your on-line email account (often your user-name is your email address).

If you wish to configure your email to send via another email provider that is not configured within Outlook or one of our pre-configured providers then you can specify your own SMTP details.

If you require further assistance with the configuration of these details seek advice from your IT department or the help page on your email providers website.

On the left-hand side of the ‘Company > Company Maintenance > Reports‘ screen, you will find company email and password fields. If you are intending on emailing your payslips as one email directly to your client, you should configure their email details here. If you are looking to email employees directly, then you can leave these fields blank and tick the ‘Email Payslips to Employees‘ box. The employees email address and password can be configured in ‘Employee > Employee Maintenance > Personal‘.

Configuring Email Contents

QTAC uses a versatile method of allowing you to configure a standardised message for the subject and contents of the email. This message can then be used across multiple companies and employees without the need to tailor on a per company/employee basis.

The message can be configured as a default for all companies in ‘Admin> Default Company‘. Under the ‘Reports‘ tab click the ‘Configure Email Message‘ button. Here you can set what message will appear in the email along with the payslip(s) for all of your companies. Any new companies added to the payroll will automatically have their email message details updated if this option is set.

You can change the default message for each individual company in ‘Company > Company Maintenance‘ under the reports tab again. This will change to default email message for all emails sent from this specific company.

Below is an example of what the email message formatted looks like. To configure the contents of the message you can use the placeholders on the right hand side. You can use the placeholders in both the title and the message. See below for an example of how to do this.

Sending Payslips

The process of sending payslips is very simple. Once you have completed your pay run go to ‘Reports > Pay Period > Email Payslips‘. Within here you have several options, choose whether you wish to email all the payslips in one email to the company or as separate emails to each individual employee. Choose which pay frequency and period you wish to send your payslips for and finally whether you would like to send everyone’s payslips, or just those you have not yet emailed.

Password protection will be applied if you have specified a password in ‘Company > Company Maintenance > Reports‘ if you are emailing to a company. For individual employees you can specify a password in ‘Employee > Employee Maintenance > Reports‘.

On the next screen you will see a preview of the pre-configured message, or if you have not configured a message then you will be given the ability to specify one. Any changes you make at this stage will not be stored for future payslip messages.

Upon clicking ‘Next‘, the software will display the employees that are about to receive a payslip and confirm their details with you. When happy, press ‘Send‘ and the software will automatically send all payslips.


What happens if an employee does not have an email address set?

If an employee does not have an email address a failure message will be set against that employee and the process will continue. You can then return to ‘Employee > Employee Maintenance‘ to set their email before returning back to the emailing payslips feature and choosing ‘Email employees who have not yet received their payslips’ to prevent other employees getting sent multiple payslips.

Will my RTI FPS send automatically?

Unfortunately an RTI FPS is not automatically sent, as with printed payslips, however submitting your FPS after the emailing process has completed is simple. To setup, go to ‘Company > Submit RTI FPS > Select Pay Period > Submit‘ and your FPS will be sent for the entire company within seconds.

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