The Qtac software contains the facility to transfer employees between companies on the payroll. 

There are few different ways of transferring employees but before you can transfer them you will need to have at least 2 companies set up within Qtac.

Select Employees for Transfer

You can access this area of the software from ‘Company > Transfer Employees…

When you are transferring employees make sure you are in the company that you want to transfer from.

Once you have selected the ‘Transfer Employees..’ menu item you will be shown this new window. In this window you should select all the employees that you want to transfer to the new company.

  • Select the employees on the left hand side by holding ‘CTRL‘ and clicking each one. Alternatively you can choose ‘Select All’
  • Select the company that you want to transfer to from the drop down box on the right
  • Choose between ‘Transfer Year to Date Information’ and ‘Treat as Leavers’  information on both of these is given below
  • Enter a ‘Finish Date’ if needed
  • Once you have clicked ‘Transfer’ you will see a final warning asking if you are sure that you want to make the transfer. If you agree to this the selected employees will be transferred.

Transfer all Year to Date Information

If you want to move an employee along with all of the payroll information recorded against them then when transferring the employee(s) you can select the option ‘Transfer all Year to Date Information’. This will leave the employee record in the old company but then create the employee in the new company along with the year to date payroll information. You can then delete the employee from the old company if you want to.

Treat as Leavers

When transferring and ‘Treating as Leavers’ – this will set the employee as a ‘leaver’ in the old company and create them as a new employee in the new company with P45 details from the old company. P45’s for leaving and starting will be filled when you submit your weekly/monthly RTI FPS submission.

When treating as a leaver you will be able to enter the ‘Start week/month’. This option allows you to set what week/month employees would be starting in.

TUPE Transfer

A TUPE transfer date is entered when transferring employees from one company to another within the QTAC Payroll Software. Employees are transferred across into another company but will keep any benefits after the transfer as the date joined the original company is kept to keep any benefits going.

For example, if an employee joins a company on 02/02/2008 and then they are transferred to a new company (if a company changes from say a sole trader to a limited company) on the 30/10/2013. The TUPE transfer date would be the date they joined originally, so 02/02/2008 and the date joined would be the new date of this company, so 30/10/2013.

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