Company Sections allow you to divide up your payroll in to groups and then run separate reports. 

This is particularly useful if you have employees in different offices or locations who are on the same PAYE screen. It provides a quick-reference way of seeing totals for certain pay elements, in certain areas of the business, without the need for complicated mathematics.

Section Maintenance

Section maintenance is the area to access if you want to add or remove company sections. To access section maintenance go to ‘Company’ > ‘Company Sections’ > ‘Section Maintenance’. 

This screen is very simple and to add a section just involves typing in what you want it to be called (including a quick reference name) and selecting the ‘Add‘ button.

Adding Companies In To A Section:

  • Select the company or companies down the left hand side. (You can select multiple companies by holding down the ‘CTRL’ key on your keyboard and using the mouse to click on the company names.)
  • Select the section you want from the ‘Section’ drop down box.
  • Click the ‘Add >>>’ and then ‘Save’.
  • If you want to remove companies from this section then you can select them in the right hand screen and click ‘<<< Remove’ to put them back to the ‘None’ screen on the left.

Current Section 

To access and change the current section go into ‘Company’ > ‘Company Sections’ > ‘Current Section’. You can also change section with the filing cabinet shortcut button in the top left hand corner of the software: 

• Select the section you want to open from the ‘Section’ drop down box. 

• Click ‘Save’ and ‘Close’ – this will then only show companies that are in the selected section.


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