As with most software Qtac has a help menu with useful links and functions to assist the user.

This page will explain how each option can help you successfully manage your payroll.

The ‘Help’ menu at the top of the Qtac payroll software contains the following options:

  • Tax PeriodsWhere you can check the tax calendar and dates for the current year.
  • RatesWill allow you to check the current rates and limits for the tax year.
  • Help TopicsWill open the on-line ‘Knowledge-Base’ website.
  • Support WebsiteWill take you through to our QTAC Support website.
  • Helpdesk Remote AccessWill allow remote connection by a member of the QTAC Support team – you will only be able to connect to a representative if being directed to do so by a member of the support team.
  • Release NotesAllows you to check the changes made to the software after updating to a new version.
  • AboutAllows you to check the executable version of the payroll you are running and other version settings.

Tax Periods

This option will show you a handy calendar with the HMRC weeks and months conveniently marked on the relevant dates. You can scroll between the different months along the top, as well as select a certain day within each month/week and it will tell you which tax month/tax week that day falls.

Help Topics

The ‘Help Topics’ option will load the software manual. This can be accessed at any time within the software by pressing the ‘F1‘ key on the keyboard.


The ‘Rates’ section allows you to check all the NIC bands for SSP/SPP/SAP/SMP, tax-rates, Student Loan, and National Minimum Wage. The rates and information will always be relevant to the current tax year.

Support Website

Selecting ‘Support Website’ will open up the Qtac support pages. This will have information on the latest updates available for the software. You can also access and navigate the rest of the Qtac website from here.

Helpdesk Remote Access

If you require additional assistance then a member of the Support team can connect to your computer remotely using software called ‘TeamViewer. Providing you have an active Internet connection, we will be able to access your computer to help with any serious issues you may be having within the software. Please be aware that firewalls and antivirus software can cause some interference when initializing the connection.

NOTE:  You will need to provide the member of the support team with your ID and Password which is automatically generated, when opening the support software.


The ‘About’ section contains some information about the software, in particular two version numbers (‘Executable Version’ and ‘Version’ number in ‘System Info’). These numbers are useful when contacting the Support team or for checking upgrades have completed successfully.

By clicking on the ‘System Info’ button on the ‘Help’ and ‘About’ screen, another screen will be displayed showing the version number of the PAYE.DLL calculation file.

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