The ‘User Options’ window is used to specify user and display options for the selected company.


To open User Options go to ‘Admin > User Options’.
Select the company you want from the ‘Select Company‘ drop down menu. By default your current company will be shown.

Tree View Options


If you have set up divisions, departments and locations within ‘Company > Divisions/Departments/Locations/GL Codes..’ this is where you decide how the tree view of your employees gets ordered. If you have a ‘department’ called ‘Office Staff’ then you could set LEVEL THREE to be ‘DepartmentYou can then divide that department into ‘Locations’ or ‘ Divisions’. For example you can divide ‘Office Staff’ by ‘Bristol‘ and‘London’ by setting LEVEL TWO as ‘Location’. You can divide this heading again with a ‘Division’ with LEVEL ONE.

You do not necessarily have to combine the Divisions, Departments and Locations in this order. You could use Locations as LEVEL THREE and Division as LEVEL TWO, or only use one of them. LEVEL THREE sets the top level, LEVEL TWO is inside of LEVEL THREE and LEVEL ONE is inside of LEVEL TWO.

In this example the:

  • Department ‘Office Staff‘ is LEVEL THREE (all employees are in this department)
  • Location ‘Bristol‘ or ‘London’ is LEVEL TWO (employees are split half and half)
  • Division ‘Manager‘ is LEVEL ONE (which is only applied to a few)

Sort Sequence

The sort sequence will group the employees in the Tree View in different ways:

  • ‘Sort by Current Tax Period’ will group your employees by their current weekly/monthly tax period
  • ‘Sort by Staff Number’ will group your employees by their staff number if you have set them up
  • ‘Sort by Staff Name’ will group employees by their name.
  • ‘Include Leavers’ – will include leavers in the tree view list. Leavers will have their name shown in Yellow:
  • Always Expand Display Tree’ – If you have a number of Divisions/Departments/Locations this option will determine whether the tree view is expanded when you boot up the software.
  • Display Staff Number first in Tree View’ – this option will show the staff number first next to the employees name. Otherwise it is shown at the end.

RTI Options

RTI Options
You will have two tick boxes on the left hand side ‘Disable RTI Submission User Interface’ and ‘Hide View XML Messages’

Disable RTI Submission User Interface:
The ‘Disable RTI Submission User Interface’ tick box will hide any RTI submission screens so that you don’t see the submission polling.

Hide ‘View XML’ Messages:
‘Hide view XML messages’ will hide any prompts asking if you’d like to view the XML file before submitting the FPS.

Option A:
The ‘RTI after payslip’ and ‘RTI after P32 Print’ options will have been set to ‘Submit FPS XML’ by default – This setting above will cause the FPS file to be submitted immediately after you print payslips. Note that it is possible to change this setting on a one-off basis each time payslips are print previewed/printed. If you do not want to do this you can change this setting permanently in the ‘User Options’ screen.

Option B:
If you select ‘Create FPS XML’ after printing payslips then the FPS submission will be generated and will need to be submitted to HMRC manually through QTAC using the ‘File by Internet’ > ‘Schedule Submission’.

Option C: 
If you select ‘Take No Action’ after printing payslips then the FPS will need to be submitted using either the menu option ‘Company’ > ‘Submit RTI FPS’ or the menu option ‘File by Internet’ > ‘Submit to HMRC’ and select ‘Full Submission for Pay Period’.

If you want the software to submit RTI automatically but still wish to run the payslips or P32 report for checking, then we advise to PRINT PREVIEW the payslips BEFORE closing the employees for the pay period and print previewing the P32 report. Once you are happy with the payslips and the figures, if you then close the employees and then print the payslips and P32 the FPS and EPS submission will be sent to HMRC.

Global Settings

There are 2 buttons on the bottom of the screen; ‘Set all companies RTI options’ and ‘Set all companies tree view options’. These two will take the settings you have for RTI and tree-view respectively and set them across all companies on your payroll.

On Launch

The options in the ‘On launch’ section of ‘User Options’ allows you to adjust how you want to program to launch. The ‘Disable Query Submission Status On Launch’ check box will stop Qtac from automatically asking the revenue if there are any pending submissions from the software. If it notices that a message has been successfully sent, Qtac will update itself to show that the submission was successful.

Bulletin Messages

If you wish to stop any bulletin prompts in the software then you can tick the ‘Hide Bulletin Messages’ tick box. Bulletin messages will sometimes appear when you open the software giving detail about new updates and changes to the payroll.

Bulletin messages usually contain important and critical software updates. We do not advise you turn them off unless it is absolutely necessary.

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