Your pin number is what decides which features you can use within the QTAC/Mamut software.

If you’re having difficulties registering your PIN number in your QTAC or Mamut payroll software, the below document will allow you to identify what year your PIN is for and then how you can enter this into your payroll software.

What Year is My Pin?

Firstly, you need to establish which tax year your PIN is generated for. The Qtac and Mamut payroll software runs on a 12 months license, meaning it is possible to use a 2010/2011 PIN in the 2011/2012 software for a limited period of time. To identify which year your PIN is for, use the table below and compare the first digit of the third block (highlighted in red below).

1000 00AA 2010 AA00

3 = 2010/11

4 = 2011/12

5 = 2012/13

6 = 2014/15

7 = 2015/16

8 = 2016/17

9 = 2018/19

1 = 2019/20

2 = 2020/21

My Pin Is For The Last Year’s Software

If your PIN number is for the previous tax year’s software, your PIN will work in the current years software until 12 months after it was first registered. For example, if you purchased the PIN in August, it will expire in August the following year.

It is not possible for you to directly enter your previous years PIN into the new years software; your PIN must be migrated from the previous tax year to the current tax year.
When you open the software, you should be prompted with the option box displayed below. If this hasn’t happened, you can go to “Admin > Data Conversion > Migrate {current year} to {next year}”.

The software will then close itself and display a migration utility, follow this utility and select the companies you wish to migrate, once the migration is complete, the PIN will be transferred and you will be able to operate the software until the expiry date. If you need detailed guidance on the migration utility see our Knowledge Base article Migrate Last Years Data

My Pin Is For This Year’s Software

If your PIN number is for the current tax year, you will be able to directly enter the PIN number into the software. To do so, you need to go to the “Admin > Registration” option.

You must complete the Registration Name, Registration Company and place your PIN into the top three boxes. Once these fields have been completed, you can press Check, the software will then automatically populate the remaining fields, double check these are correct and press Register – The software is then registered and will be active for the entire tax year.

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