There are two main ways to perform a Qtac Payroll software installation.

Firstly, if your computer has an optical drive, then you can use a CD. We send these out to all our customers unless they request otherwise. Alternatively, you could use a download which you can find on our website. Further details on both methods can be found below.

Getting the Software

Whether you are an existing or new customer you should receive a copy of the QTAC installation disk in the post automatically after purchasing your licence (providing the details that we have for you are up to date).

Alternatively you can get a downloadable version of the software from our downloads website by clicking here.

How to Install

Insert the QTAC Install CD into the CD drive on your computer or download the latest set-up file. A window should pop up automatically with a series of options. Click the ‘Install’ button to begin. The installation wizard contains full instructions on the install process.

You will need to select which type of install you require: ‘Standalone/Server’ or a ‘Client’ Install. If you are unsure of what option to pick – then you most likely just need the ‘Standalone/Server‘ install.

Standalone/server: Installs the main application and prerequisites locally on the computer you are using. Can be used for single PCs/laptops or installing on to your main application server.

Client: To install the necessary prerequisites on a client computer. The ‘Standalone/Server‘ should be run on the server first, and then the client install should be run on any machines that will be using QTAC. Client machines are then pointed at the shared server location.

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