Below is information on setting up and adding standard elements to CIS reports.

These methods will only work with employees who have been marked as a ‘Subcontractor’ in ‘Employee Maintenance’.

CIS Deduction Statements

When Subcontractors are paid and closed, records of their payments are recorded in the CIS Deduction Statement. This is generally used as a type of payslip to give to the subcontractor. To print the CIS Deduction Statements, go into ‘Reports > Pay Period’ and select ‘CIS Deduction Statements’

CIS Materials and VAT payments

Subcontractors can have additions for CIS Materials and VAT setup, so that they show on the CIS Deduction Statements.

For notes on setting up additions and deductions, please see the Creating Additions and Deductions guide.

CIS Materials

When creating an addition under ‘Company’ > ‘Additions and Deductions’ > ‘Additions’ there is a tick box for ‘CIS Mat’ which will mark the addition as being for CIS Materials payments and then any amount paid using this addition would be included on the CIS Deduction Statement under the Materials’ column.


You can also create an addition entitled ‘VAT’ and any payments made to the subcontractor using this VAT addition would appear on the CIS Deduction Statement.

CIS Retention

‘CIS Retention’ will allow you to hold back a percentage of a subcontractors earnings each period so that you can make payments to a subcontractor if they are off sick or on holiday.

Setting up CIS Retention

Before you can apply CIS Retention to an employee you must set the employee as a subcontractor:

  • Right click the employees name down the left hand side and select ‘Employee Maintenance’ on the ‘General’ tab, tick the ‘Subcontractor’ tick box
  • On the ‘Personal’ tab of ‘Employee Maintenance’, tick the ‘Retention’ tick box on the right hand side
  • Enter the percentage you want to be accrued for CIS Retention into the ‘Retention as % of Gross Pay’ box
  • Click ‘Save’ and ‘Close

Accruing CIS Retention

  • If you then open and pay the employee for the next pay period, the software will then accrue the percentage you have set against the employee and show the amounts on the ‘Personal’ tab of ‘Employee Maintenance’ in the ‘Retention Accrued’ box.
  • Every time you pay the Subcontractor it will accrue the set percentage.

Applying CIS Retention

Once you have setup and accrued CIS Retention, if the Subcontractor then wants to use some of this retained money you can record it when going to pay the employee for that pay period:

  • Right click the employees name down the left hand side and select ‘Open and Pay Employee’ > ‘Change’ > ‘Retention Release’.
  • Enter the amount to be taken in the ‘Retention Released this Period’ box – the retention amount accrued so far will show in the ‘Retention Balance Remaining’ box.
  • Click ‘Save Retention’ and ‘Close’.
  • This figure will then show in the ‘Additions’ section on the main open and pay screen.

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