In the Qtac software you can add additions and deductions in bulk. This means you can set up an addition for every employee in the Company, Division, Location or Department.

The bulk addition and deduction can be set up by going to ‘Company’ > ‘Bulk Amendments’ > ‘Create Employee Addition & Deduction’.

Creating Bulk Additions and Deductions

Employee selection:

What is displayed here will depend on what you have highlighted on your payroll home screen when clicking ‘Create Employee Additions/Deductions’. You can either highlight the company name, a department/division/location or a specific employees name.


Select either ‘Addition’ or ‘Deduction’. Then select a pre-existing addition or deduction from the list. (You can create company Additions/Deductions in ‘Company‘ > ‘Additions & Deductions‘)

Specify an ‘Amount’ to add/deduct and click ‘Process’.

Update Bulk Additions and Deductions

Employee Selection:

You can also update existing additions/deductions in bulk. This means you can update either a single employee, a division/department/location or the whole company using the option under ‘Company’ > ‘Bulk Amendments’ > ‘Update Additions/Deductions’.

Select either ‘Addition’ or ‘Deduction

Select the addition or deduction you want to add in. These must be created before use (‘Company‘ > ‘Additions and Deductions‘) otherwise they will not show in the drop down menu. Select from the 3 options on how you want to update the additions/deductions:

  • Increase or Decrease amount
  • Percentage of Salary
  • Fix new amount

Clicking the ‘Process’ button to process these changes. A report can be produced giving details of the amendment. Click ‘Yes’ to view the report.

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