Bulk Amendments can be used to update a particular set of information within your employee data – for instance: to reset holiday accrual for all you employees.

This section can be accessed via the ‘Company’ > ‘Bulk Amendments’ menu. Many of these options can be set by company, department, location or division.

Bulk Amendments List

Holiday Maintenance – This allows you to set the holiday allowance for multiple employees.

Bulk Pay Amendments – This option allows you to amend multiple pay elements at once.

Set Employee Payslip Email Passwords – Here you can set the password for a company department and or location when emailing payslips.

Create Employee Additions/Deductions – Here you can set an addition or deduction for a company department and/or location.

Update Addition/Deduction – Here you can update the bulk additions/deductions you have created.

Reset Holiday Credit Accrual – Here you can reset the holiday if – for example – you are at the end of your holiday year.

Set Irregular Payment – Here you can set the irregular payment tick-box for a multiple employees at the same time.

Set Companies to RTI enabled – With this option you can set multiple companies to RTI enabled ready for RTI submissions.

Set Number of Normal Hours Worked – This gives you the ability to set hours worked for multiple employees in one easy step.

Set HMRC Payment Frequency – Set the frequency (week/month/annual) of your payments to HMRC.

HMRC Payroll ID to Staff Number – This will set the employees payroll ID to be the same as their staff number. DO NOT USE this if you have already submitted information via RTI.

Set Employment Allowance – This can be used to turn on Employment Allowance for multiple companies.

Set old payroll ID Flag – This sets the ‘Old Payroll ID Unknown’ tick-box in employee maintenance for multiple companies/employees.

Selecting a Company, Department or Employee

When amending something in bulk you will have the choice of what to process. If you select the department, for example, you will set all employees in that department to what you would like to do. The same rule applies for the division and location.

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