This guide will walk you through some of the basic settings in Employee Maintenance.

You can setup new employees by clicking the ‘New Employee’ button on the main screen of the payroll (found just to the right of the company name).


Start by setting the ‘Current Gender’ in the middle of the screen and then set the ‘Title’ and enter the ‘Surname’ and ‘Forenames’. If required you can enter in a ‘Staff Number’ if you use them on the left and mark the employee as an ‘Apprentice’ or ‘Subcontractor’ if required.(‘Casual Worker’ should only be used for certain types of agricultural workers!) Fill out any other details required and then move onto the ‘Personal’ tab along the top.


Start by entering the ‘Employee Address’, you can also enter in the employees postcode, phone numbers, passport number and email address if required. Ensure you enter the ‘Date of Birth’ and ‘Date Joined’ in the middle of the screen. Fill out any other details required and then move onto the ‘Tax and NI’ tab along the top.

Tax and NI

The Tax and NI tab is where you would enter the employees ‘Tax Code’ and the ‘Tax Basis’ as either cumulative or week 1 month 1. You can select the ‘NI Code Letter’ the employee is on and their ‘NI Number’.

You can also enter in P45 details if you have them in the ‘Previous Employment P45 Pay and Tax’section. You would need to fill out this section with the details shown on the P45.

Important note: You must fill out P46 details for every new starter under rules for RTI, even if you have received a P45 from the employee. Once you have setup and saved this employee, you’ll then be able to click on the ‘Enter P46 details’ button and fill out the employee circumstance. The P46 selection you make will determine the employee’s tax code and tax basis in this employment.

Pay Rates

Select and enter details about the employees pay rate on the ‘Pay Rates’ tab .In the bottom left, select the ‘Pay Frequency’–for example, weekly or monthly. You can also set the ‘Effective Date’ of the pay rate, if the employee is paid on a Gross to Net or Net to Gross ‘Calculation Type’.

Important note: If the employee is salaried then make sure the‘Salaried’ box is ticked, if they are paid on an hourly rate then un-tick this box. This little tick box can quite easily overlooked and can prevent you from entering hours and hourly rate on the open and pay screen if left ticked.

When setting up a new employee you can always specify the ‘Start at Pay Month/Week’ box, this means you can say which month/week you want to start paying the employee.

You can set the employees ‘Normal Working Week’ along the top, which helps QTAC calculate statutory sick leave and also if the employee is paying back a ‘Student Loan’ then you can tick the box and enter any dates required.

Also, under RTI, HMRC would like to know the employees ‘Normal Hours Worked’ – which you can select on the right hand side.

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